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Using the raw disk image

There is a raw disk image located at

There are a lot of ways that this image could be used, but it works really well as a starting point for a virtual machine. It has been successfully used as a Digital Ocean droplet and an Oracle Cloud instance. It should be usable in any cloud provider that supports MBR booting and the VIRTIO kernel drivers.

To use it as a VirtualBox disk, you could do the following, resizing the disk to the size you wish to use.

VBoxManage convertfromraw meredisk.raw meredisk.vdi
VBoxManage modifymedium disk meredisk.vdi --resize <megabytes>

Then simply attach it to a new Linux virtual machine. In the machine settings, under Network->Advanced, be sure to set the Adapter Type to Paravirtualized Network (virtio-net). When the image boots, it will attempt to resize the root file system to fill the entire disk space available.

Unlike the ISO, the disk image has a default password set to merepass. Be sure to change it if you deploy it anywhere.