Mere Linux

Mere Linux is a simple Linux distribution built upon musl libc and aimed at virtualized or containerized server instances. It also features pacman as the package manager and s6 for process supervision and process 1, or init.

Why Another Distribution?

Really, if we’re being honest, the main reason is because it’s fun to build.

There are a lot of distributions out there. Many of them have great ideas and implementations, and most are well suited for a wide variety of purposes. But its quite enjoyable to piece together your own system, choosing the elements that fit your specific needs and ideals.

The goal of Mere Linux isn’t to achieve widespread adoption. It won’t fill a niche that has never been touched before. The goal is simply to document and provide an alternative approach. Specifically, the combination of musl, pacman and s6 make for a simple but robust alternative.

Having said that, there are some fundamental principles that have guided how Mere has been shaped.

Design Considerations and Goals

  • Simplicity over features

  • Readability and usability over cleverness

  • The primary use case is Microservices

  • Separation of Concerns and similarly, the Unix Philosophy

  • Static binaries where feasible for improved performance and portability

  • Immutable Infrastructure

    • Treat the OS as if admins will rarely, if ever, login to a shell

    • Pets vs. Cattle