Mere Linux is a lightweight Linux distribution built around musl libc and s6 for system initialization and process supervision.

It also uses pacman for package management, busybox for a suite of core utilities, and llvm+clang as the main C compiler and toolchain.

Mere is still in its Alpha phase. If you are interested in helping to shape its direction, please visit the Github Discussions page and leave a comment.


Like many things, Mere Linux has a sort of personality. Various decisions have molded its shape, its structure, its feel. Simplicity was already mentioned in the Direction post. Here are a couple more. No Systemd Mere Linux does not and will not use systemd. There’s many reasons why, but the most fundamental one is that it breaks the principle of Simplicity. The author of the excellent s6 suite of packages says it well:...

April 11, 2021 · 2 min · Jeremy Huntwork


Up to now, development in Mere has focused on laying out its foundation. Much of that was discovering what Mere is, what makes it different. At times that has led to indecision, and that slows progress. In the meantime, some of the ideas and chosen tools have sparked interest. But Mere’s usability has been low, as ideas and concepts took priority in development over usability. So now, to build some adoption, the project is re-focusing efforts to release a stable and usable first version....

March 13, 2021 · 2 min · Jeremy Huntwork